2021 Election of the Board of Directors

Mittagong RSL Club Limited

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2021 Election of the Board of Directors

Election Notice



Nominations are invited for the following positions:

President, Vice Presidents (2) and Directors (4)

Section from the Rules of Mittagong RSL Club Limited:

27.1 The business and affairs of the Club and the custody and control of its funds and property shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, a senior Vice President, a Junior Vice President and four (4) other Directors.

27.2 As and from the Annual General Meeting of the Club held in 2015 the Board shall be elected biennially at an election at which the members entitled to vote consist of a majority of full members of the Club.

27.3 Subject to Rules 27.4 and 27.5 the following members shall be entitled to stand for and be elected or appointed to the Board:

a) Life Members;

b) Sub-Branch Members, and;

c) Club Members

who in each case have been members of the Club for a continuous period of at least three (3) years prior to the date of their nomination for the election to the Board or appointment to the Board.

Candidates may nominate for more than one position, but may only be elected to one position.

Nomination forms and Director information packs are available from Club Reception or can be sent electronically to you by contacting the General Manager at the Club by phone on 4876700 or via email

Lodgement of Nominations

Nominations are open from 10am Thursday 21st January 2021 and must be received by the General Manager not later than 5pm Thursday 11th February 2021.

A nomination cannot be withdrawn after this time and any defect must be rectified before this time. Should more than the required number of nominations be received a draw will be conducted to determine the order of candidates names on the ballot paper at the Club at 7.00pm on Thursday 11th February 2021. Candidates or their representatives are invited to witness the draw.


Should a ballot be required each member will be forwarded a voting slip together with the notice of the Annual General Meeting and related documents.

The voting slip shall advise the member the date by which the voting slip shall be returned, either personally or by post to the Club.

If required, the counting of votes will take place at the Club commencing at 6.00pm, on Wednesday 24th March 2021. One scrutineer per Candidate may be appointed to witness the count.

The result of the election will be announced at the Annual General Meeting commencing at 10.00am, Sunday 28th March 2021.


If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the Club on

4872 6700 or via email:

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