Prior to the bushfires of 2019/20 and Covid 19 of 2020/21 the Club had informed members of a building program that would see the development of a large family and children’s activity center on the first floor of the Club.

With the trading disruptions caused by Covid 19 adding uncertainty to the business landscape, it was decided to place development plans on hold until trading conditions had returned to something that resembled “normal”.

Works commenced mid-June 2022 with completion in October 2023.

Projects included:

• The construction of a 900sqm family/children activity center called Tabatinga Mittagong on the 1st floor of the Club. The construction of which completes the external building envelope of the Club.
• The construction of male and female amenities on the first floor of the Club
• The complete refurbishment of the 1st floor function kitchen, which also serves as our in house bakery.
• The covering of the Alexandra Room terrace area, which will make the area more useful in times of inclement weather.
• The partial weatherproofing and enclosure of the Ironstone Terrace Area to assist with making this area more attractive for use during inclement weather.
• New air conditioning plant and ductwork above the Carrington Room, which services that area.
• Replacement of the clip lock galvanized roof above and surrounding areas of the Carrington Room.
• Fire safety upgrades, including the installation of a new hydrant ring main around the building and the installation of two 80,000L water holding tanks driven by diesel pumps which will be activated in the event of a fire emergency.

Thank you to all of our patrons who were undaunted by scaffolding and continued to support the club.

Thank you to our staff who sometimes had to work in challenging conditions.

Thank you to all of those involved in the building works who have made our club both pleasing to look at and even more serviceable to the local community.