Our Environment

At the Mittagong RSL, we have recognised and embraced the need for us to operate an environmentally responsible and sustainable business.

Over the last 3 years, the Club has undergone many changes in order to decrease our carbon emissions. Undergoing a very proactive approach towards this initiative saw the Club decrease emissions by 312.2 tons in 2010, 497.7 tons in 2011, and a massive 627.65 tons in 2012.

Based on our usage rates, the actual money saved equates to an average of $102,500 per annum, which is obviously a great financial result. It also resulted in us being nominated for the local Business Awards in the category for Excellence in Environmental Sustainability in 2010 and 2011, and we took the title in 2011.

Our staff have been integral in the results we have achieved, as they have both adopted and suggested ways to improve operational and procedural aspects of the business.

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How We Did It

See what measures we have taken to achieve our emission reductions and cost savings, and how your business can also benefit from a few simple adjustments.


What You Can Do

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Click here to view a list of easy to implement options you can employ at home to cut your energy use, and save you money.

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